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Personal Injury Disputes

Resolve Your Personal Injury Disputes in Minnesota Faster with the Help of a Seasoned Mediator

The Benefits of Mediating Personal Injury Disputes

Mediation involves the cooperation of parties who are both affected by a dispute. It seeks to help the parties reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of the case. While mediation is often used between parties who have a vested interest in remaining entangled in a relationship, this does not usually apply to personal injury cases in which one person may have been harmed by the negligence of another person, possibly a stranger. Nonetheless, mediation still offers several benefits to the parties, including:

  • Confidentiality – Mediation is a private process outside of the courtroom. The parties usually sign confidentiality agreements that state that they will not repeat anything that is said during the process in any subsequent hearing. This additional layer of privacy often helps parties to be more honest and open with each other, which enhances communicating and increases the likelihood of resolving a dispute.
  • More control – In mediation, the parties are not subject to the whim of a judge or jury. Instead, they only reach an agreement if they are satisfied with the terms. They are aware of these terms ahead of time and can decide to accept them or move toward litigation. Many times, parties can resolve personal injury disputes through mediation and avoid a surprise at trial.
  • Creative solutions – While personal injury claims often result in monetary relief, there may be creative ways to structure an award, such as putting it in an annuity to provide for a victim’s children or in a trust that prevents the injured victim from losing public benefits.
  • Faster resolution – The litigation process tends to slow down insurance claims. The insurance company may have an unresolved claim on its books that it wants to get rid of and a personal injury victim may be facing mounting bills and expenses related to the accident. Mediation can often help resolve the dispute faster so that both parties’ interests are met.

The Mediation Process of Personal Injury Disputes

At the beginning of the mediation, the parties may give an opening statement. The mediator explains the rules of mediation and then usually divides the parties into two separate rooms. The mediator meets with each party at a time, learning more about their side of the case. The mediator may communicate settlement offers and counteroffers between the parties until a settlement is reached. The parties sign the mediated agreement and resolve the case.

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